Perhaps you have never tried counseling before, or perhaps you have thought it was just for the “weak.”

Maybe it has just been years since you were forced to go as a kid or teenager. I believe that counseling can be different. Your decision to enter counseling at this time is for you, for your future, and for your personal growth. I am here to work alongside you to find better solutions to any negative patterns that continue to play out in your life. 


Expectations of Men

Through my work I see how society and the media have failed you in many ways, creating generations of men that don’t feel comfortable identifying or talking about their emotions. Fortunately, times are changing, but this means you have some catching up to do. Some of the main areas for growth for men today are emotional intelligence, communication skills, stress management, and relationship building. 


Relationship building

Throughout the years you might have been so focused on education or your career that you struggled to develop meaningful personal and professional connections. But your past doesn’t have to be your future; this can change. You are in control. In counseling, we will work together to build awareness, thereby helping you to learn more adaptive ways of relating to others and coping with life’s stressors.


anger and resentment

There is a difference between coping with your emotions and ignoring them, but all too often young boys and men are not taught this difference. It is important to understand that uncomfortable feelings don’t just go away because you have found a way to ignore them. Suppression of emotional wounds is not sustainable, and over time those feelings can turn into intense anger and resentment.