I specialize in working with men and young adults. I am passionate about my career and want to work with you to create positive change. I also strive to create a counseling environment where men and young adults can relate, feel heard, and find new solutions to their negative patterns. Some issues that I most commonly work with are stress, relationship issues, difficulty saying “no” to others, difficulties recognizing emotions and emotionally connecting to others, anger, and intimacy issues, among others.

My approach is informed by contemporary psychodynamic theory and practice and trauma/attachment research. All is considered through a strength-based lens. The goals of psychodynamic counseling are to increase self-awareness and your understanding of how the past influences your present behavior. 

I am well-versed in evidenced based treatment models that address presenting problems such as depression, anxiety, effects of traumatic experience, stress, and family and relationship issues. My training and experience includes working in a variety of different settings including schools, hospitals, and community mental health settings.